The Approach

What makeup means to each one is unique. For me, it is art. It is ornamentation or dressing up of the face. Everyone will have their own preferences. For an event, clients may request a make-up look that complements their personality or taste. Other clients may request a completely transformational look. Whatever the case may be, I try my best to honour the clients request within the realms of practicality and suitability.  The work I do goes into intricacies and a great amount of detailing. It is also extremely long lasting, sweat proof, water proof, which is why I require a specified amount of appointment time.

The Story

It all started in Los Angeles on my work trip. Beauty was a part of most people's life and I was such a newbie to cosmetics.  I felt incapacitated to do something I wanted which other people could. I started buying products and figuring out how to use them on myself. Soon enough I realised I had a new found love, which then turned into a burning passion which I'm continuing to fuel.

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