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The Approach

Whether you're booking me for your big day or you're learning makeup lessons from me, I am a strong proponent of flawless, long lasting, waterproof, sweat proof makeup that doesn't look cakey and still looks like skin. Detailed intricate eyes, glowy enhanced skin and nude/bold lips will be the principle behind your session with me

Our Story

Unlike many others who will say they've been into makeup since a young age or started started playing with lipsticks from their mother's purse, my story is different.
I started in my mid twenties with a mission to excel in the Bridal makeup industry and had a 'whatever it takes' attitude to hone my skills from the best in the industry.

Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the team

Hey there! Folks call me Zara, also known as Teena!

If you're on the fence of investing your time & money with me, it is worth knowing where I picked up my skills and have trained from. To name a few, they are

  • Chic Studios - LA School of Makeup - Los Angeles, USA
  • Zohara Shereen Makeup Academy, Bangalore
  • Alcantara Alessandro @alcantaramakeup, Brazil

  • Jasmine Beauty Care @jasmine_beauty_care, India

  • A premium member of Tamanna Roashan's @dressyourfacelive academy since 2017.

  • My passion for my job lies in being able to see the transformation I am able to give my clients and the happiness & satisfaction I'm able to leave my client with.

    My pursuit of wanting to master my craft drives me to constantly keep my knowledge & skills brushed up by learning from the best in the industry. I push myself to innovate & develop my skillset and tools. I've travelled & lived extensively across the globe, which allows me to get creative inspiration internally which reflects in my work.

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    Get in Touch ...

    Do get in touch via Email or WhatsApp, to get a quote for your event or if you wish to take makeup classes with me.Whatsapp here