These are some of the most common questions I get asked. Do go through this as most of your questions may be answered here.

How much do you charge for Bridal Makeup?

This completely depends on an array of factors. Do get in touch with me via WhatsApp or email to get an exact quote. In your message, do include the following

  • No. of events for which service is required
  • Event dates and time to be ready
  • Venue of event
  • No. of guests apart from the bride who need service
  • Type of event : For eg, North Indian reception, Muslim Bridal/Nikkah South Indian temple wedding, , Christian white gown wedding, civil ceremony

  • Do you travel to the venue?

    Yes, me and my team (or) assistant will travel to your preferred location.
    Travel charges are not inclusive of Bridal makeup charges. These are for local in city events. I will only be able to give you a rough quote before hand as Uber/Cab charges will fluctuate and I cannot predict them before hand.

    Do you do all the work by yourself or do you have someone to help you

    Again this depends on what type of event yours is, what type of hairstyle you’re going for, if you’re squeezed on time etc.
    A general rule of thumb is that, I will definitely someone to assist me if there’s additional guests apart from the bride or if you need an advanced hairstyle, or for South Indian functions where saree draping is required. Naturally, having an assistant will definitely have slightly higher rates.

    PS: All the makeup will be done only by me.

    Will you reduce the prices if I need Simple Bridal makeup?

    The simple answer is no 🙂 But if you need to know why, then read on…The charges don’t only depend on the complexity of the makeup. In reality, “simple” makeup or “heavier” makeup doesn’t even influence the workmanship involved. There are ‘x’ number of steps required whether you need a “simple” or “grand” look to give you a flawless natural base.

    The reason we makeup artists charge what we charge is for the impeccable service we deliver. This stems from all the years of experience and the couple of thousands of dollars of training & masterclasses spent from global educators & industry leaders.

    There has been a lot of investment in terms of time & money to develop the skills to do the best work & create art on you, not to mention the constant replenishment of the high end beauty products available in the market.

    Other factors that influence (which is not very evident but very important) is the travelling , the stress of having to pack every small item (long list) you may need before every event, pre and post sanitisation of entire kit including brushes, the physical burden of carrying the kit and setting up lights and products and packing everything so nothing gets lost – These are only a few points of mentioned.

    Point being, if I have to come to you and do a service there is a lot of work already done to equip me to serve you and there is a checklist that has to be done every-time I come. Hence, simple makeup or heavy makeup will not fluctuate the prices.

    Can you reduce the prices if I bring my foundation & makeup ?

    The previous question answers this as well. Sometimes, when you’re comfortable with a particular foundation or a product as it suits your skin very well, you definitely can bring it and ask your MUA to use that. Because of all the factors mentioned in the previous question, the price will not fluctuate.
    You pay for our skills not just products 🙂 In which case everyone can buy a makeup kit and become their own MUA 🙂

    What are the brands of products you use ?

    I think that it is important to select the right products for the right client – depending on a number of factors, including age, race, and skin type, so I carry a wide range of the very best and high end products in my kit which I continue to evolve as I research and trial new products – the product brands I use include: Chanel, Estee Lauder, Lacome, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Toofaced Urban Decay, Mac Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics and Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals and many more.

    Why do you take a deposit?

    A small deposit is usually taken in the beginning for me to understand that you’re committed to the service. A bridal makeup appointment or trial is taken very seriously by me as it is one of the most important days of your life. Therefore I have to do a bit of research and work to come up with ideas to communicate with you to customise your desired look. I can only do this work when I know you’re serious about the booking and will not be able to do this for every enquiry that comes by. 
    Most importantly, we can NEVER block the dates for you if a deposit is not given.
    A 50% advance of the total (including) deposit is taken to secure the booking appointment time exclusively for you.  A lot of things have to be in order before the appointment time.

    1. For starters, we do get many many enquiries especially during wedding season. Sometimes honouring a verbal ‘please book me on these dates’, & when that client doesn’t turn up will incur a loss for me as I would have been able to serve a bride who is serious about booking.
    2. I want to work with the best hairstylists in town and with the number of weddings increasing, the good hairstylists get booked out very quickly. I will have to pay them a deposit to secure the dates for you. The last thing you want is a crappy hairstyle.
    3. We may have to get the best lashes, lenses, hair extensions or accessories (if discussed prior)
      Most importantly, to make your bridal look a success, we need your co-operation too. We need you to be on time &  we need you to be prepped etc. Most of the time, clients invest their efforts only when they’ve invested money. They don’t listen to our tips or arrive late etc,  when they haven’t made some payment.

    Why do you request a payment before the service begins ?

    We have been in the wedding industry and have been part of many many weddings & we know how it usually pans out. Also when we arrive, we have taken all the efforts and set aside the time and ready to doll you up.

    1. At the end of the service, brides will have to rush to their ceremonies and it will be a stress free affair for the bride’s side if the payment is taken care of before hand itself, instead of the crucial moment when the bride has to leave ( you will have 10 other things to do trust me)
    2. There are many top priorities on your wedding day and paying wedding vendors will take a backseat when more urgent matters pop up.
    3. Online Transaction failures can happen in the last minute. Google/Phone Pay/ Netbanking may or may not work and you will have to run around for cash. This will cause you stress, this will delay me because I will most likely have another bride/consultation or other tasks and I will stress you further to please make the payment & we don’t want this additional drama
    4. At this point, you may request to pay tomorrow or later but 99.99999% of the time, that never happens as after the wedding, there 100 more important things for you to do in your perspective & also it is not my job to chase or keep calling anyone post events for the making payment. 
    5. Please keep in mind, We can NEVER leave the venue without the payment in hand. Not making the payment as soon as service is over and keeping us waiting around will lead to very unfortunate and embarrassing situations on your side if there’s someone behind you for the payment during the wedding venue and may also have legal consequences.

    To avoid all these situations, we request bridal & pre-booked payment before the service and & any additional services taken can be paid IMMEDIATELY AFTER the service.

    Is a trial absolutely necessary ?

    A trial is not absolutely necessary but recommended so that your ideas and mine are on the same page. We do not want last minute conflicts. A full face of make up (as seen in pictures) will not be done on the trial day. It is more to see in person what type of skin, hair and features you have so that I can test the most suitable products for you and the test a couple of looks, from which a a few can be short listed for the different events you will have for the wedding.
    There is no separate Trial charges as this will be adjustable to the total booking amount. However if you need a full face of make up and hair, charges will apply.

    Also there is no need to stress upon having or not having a trial. There have been many cases of brides especially those who come from abroad where the first time I have worked upon them is on their event day. And we are more than experienced to give you the look which will complement you the most. The trial is mainly for you to be satisfied that you have chosen the right artist and for us to have a good rapport 🙂