What are the services included in the Pro Bridal Package?

The Pro Bridal package includes the following services

  • High Definition Makeup
  • Bridal Hairstyle
  • Lehenga/Saree Draping
  • Jewellery setting

What are the services included in the Regular Bridal Package ?

  • High Definition Makeup
  • Hairstyling - Soft curls, Hollywood waves, Half updos and front setting of the hair is included. Bridal buns and intricate hairstyles are not included.

What are the products used for the services ?

My cosmetic kit include products high end brands like Huda Beauty, MAC, Becca, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lancome, Tarte, Too faced and of the like.

My hair kit includes consists of products from Bombay Hair USA.

How long does the makeup last ?

The makeup is waterproof and sweat proof and will last for 12 hrs straight. The only thing you may need is a touch of up of the lipstick after eating, but even this will not be required if proper care is taken. If your skin is super oily, I recommend keeping oil blotting papers or face tissues to pat gently on oily areas.

 Do you provide a trial ?

Yes, the trial is chargeable but if you book me, these charges will be excluded. The trial includes a makeup application without lash application and a verbal hair consultation. I ask the client to be with hair down, natural and clean, preferably washed on the same day or previous day.

How to book ?

You can reach me via Email/WhatsApp/Call. I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you wish to book me I require that you pay 50% of the charges to block the date.  This is a standard practice done so as to not miss out on other client opportunities. You can pay the remaining amount on the day of the event.

How do I be prepared on the day of the event ?

Hair - I require hair to be 100% dry and washed and clean. Preferably wash it on the same day or one day before. On the third day hair, the scalp become too oily and greasy which makes hairstyling difficult. If the hair is unclean/oily, I may have to refuse services as the heating devices will not work on oily hair.

In case your hair is extremely frizzy or curly, I require you to blow dry it a day before for styling. For normal to straight and a small amount of frizz, a regular wash would suffice.

Skin - At the time of the appointment, I require my client to have no makeup on. Your daily skin care/moisturiser routine can be continued. If the skin gets too oily, a gentle face wash/cleanser can be used before the appointment.

Having said that, it is best to maintain a skin care routine weeks prior to your wedding date. Mild at home exfoliation of skin including lips can be done if you dislike visiting the parlour. Makeup is the most flawless on clear skin.

Do you provide jewellery or hair accessories for special events and updos?

No. This is something that must be matched with the outfit or theme and is very specific to each individual. However assistance will be provided in pinning up these accessories.

Do you provide lashes ?

Yes. Lashes are included in the service. However if you require special luxury lashes, I require that you provide them or pay for them as they may cost a lot and may eat up into the service charge.

Do you provide hair extensions ?

I provide my luxury Bellami Hair extensions USA on a rental basis. In case of non-availability, you can purchase your own set which we will fix in the hairstyle. However, most of my clientele skip the extensions as we can make the hair more voluminous through the hairstyling itself.